Company Profile
Lycer Technologies Inc. in the field of science and technology, the dedication is not only to provide professional Measurement technology, the ad hoc application of consulting, and calibration services, we also hope to raise For an open forum, from the most basic approachable introduction to the capable Technology enthusiasts all relevant areas mutual consultations, the better the network space.
So we will continue to provide exclusive Q & A discussion paper or suspected, hoping to start a discussion Lead to more fervent response, Volkswagen unveiled generalities vibration measurement applications Welcome to join the festivities!!

Vibration Diagnostic

Vibration Monitoring Equipment

Industrial Accelerometers

Bearing Diagnostic Tester

Field Balancing

Laser Alignment System

Professional Geometrical Alignment System

Process Measurement

Stroboscope, Tachometer, IR Thermometer

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Inspection